Who Needs International Calling Cards?

With technology advancing as quickly as it is these days it is easy to take certain things for granted and rely on certain technologies more than you probably should. Even with the great advances these days in telecommunication technology there are still a lot of things to be said about keeping a regular phone and land line handy just in case. If you plan on traveling over seas then it is probably in your best interest to sit down and really think about your communication options because as much as you think you have everything covered you probably are leaving a lot out.

International Cards

As you prepare for your trip to Europe you are going through your checklist to make sure that you have everything you could possibly need to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. You make sure you packed all the clothes and supplies that you will need while you are gone. You make sure that you have proper access to money at all times so that in case anything comes up you are ready to deal with it.

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You make one more call to the hotel you are staying at to make sure they are expecting you and all the arrangements are made and you take one more quick look at your passports to make sure everything is in order. You even made sure that the kennel is ready to accept your dog in the morning so that you know that the family pet will be taken care of while you are out of the country. Everything is taken care of, right? Wrong. You forgot one very important thing.

You forgot to make sure you have a cost effective and reliable way of making phone calls back to the States so that you can check in on things and that the people at home can get a hold of you in case something happens. What if you forgot to give the kennel your dog’s medication? What if you forgot to set your house alarm and need to call someone at home to do it? What do you do without an international calling card?

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Pretty much everyone has a cell phone and by now pretty much everyone takes their cell phone for granted. Believe it or not your cell phone may be useless in many parts of Europe and you may want to check your calling plan on your cell phone before you go calling someone in Idaho from the heart of Paris. Many cell phone plans do include great rates from Europe as long as you are near the towers of your cell phone provider and not having to catch a signal from another provider’s tower. What about signal strength?

Will you be able to make that important call from Europe on your cell phone and know that the call won’t drop constantly? Your cell phone drops calls when you call home from work so how can you be sure it won’t drop calls from Europe? Do the smart thing and invest in some international calling cards before you leave for Europe and save yourself money and aggravation.

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Technology is great but if you rely on it too much without having a back up plan then you could find yourself out of touch and miss the problems that are brewing at home. If you plan on an international trip soon make sure you get some international calling cards because you never know what that call from Europe to the States on your cell phone is going to cost you $10 per minute or more and you can never tell at what important part of the phone call that you will lose your signal and lose touch with home.