Top Ten VoIP Service Providers Of 2009

Cell phones and landline phones have always been the major way of getting in touch with people within or outside the country. But since internet has brought so many luxuries and facilities to us how can it overlook the major factor of communication. Apart from instant messaging, emailing etc which happens in seconds the World Wide Web has introduced the facility of VoIP.

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VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol which allows people from around the world to make a call to a phone or another VoIP service and talk through the internet. Many VoIP companies offer their best services that can be utilized while paying a minimum amount of money every month.

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VoIP has become one of the facilities almost everyone is utilizing since it is cheaper than cell phone calls and easier to use. VoIP which is an abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to call people all around the globe with the lowest call rates and clear voice signals.

2009 may now be ending but there are some VoIP Companies that provided their best services to the users and really made a mark. These companies are now each other’s competition and striving to be twice as better in the coming year. VoIP companies of 2009 are listed below:

  1. Digium Inc.: Digium has been a very active VoIP service provider company and should definitely continue in the next year. It uses Switchvox software and is doing pretty good in functionality and in reliability.
  2. Fonality: This August Fonality offered services of free calling within the users which became really popular and widely used. Due to its fresh new offers Fonality has maintained its good reputation.
  3. Vonage: This VoIP Company suffered some financial loss in this year due to which it was unable to offer low priced VoIP services which resulted in lesser number of users.
  4. 8×8 Inc.: This Company kept it smart all the way long by keeping their financial situation stable and keeping their rates so that none of the user left their services and utilized other services.
  5. JAJAH: The reason JAJAH has kept its good reputation and market value to the top is due to the advertisements it shows. This VoIP Company made the most out of advertisements and made people becoming a regular user by launching tempting offers and rates.
  6. Jaxtr Inc.: This Company has always worked hard to maintain a good impression on their users and provide services that are flawless. Due to their hard work Jaxtr Inc. has tend to keep a good reputation in 2008 and will hopefully establish more in 2009.
  7. Rebtel: This VoIP service provider can be used easily but the method it used to make calls was a bit expensive than their competition. Still they haven’t come up with a Plan B but hopefully they will follow the same footsteps of JAJAH and keep shooting to the stars.
  8. Jangl: Jangl Company uses famous websites and forums help like eBay, Facebook, MySpace etc to provide their services there as well. Once you have this application you can use it with convenience.
  9. ShoreTel Inc.: This Company went for a change in their services and took an approach that not only people at home but business men can also use this services to keep in touch with their foreign clients. Naturally it became a huge hit and is used by all kinds of people with different occupations.
  10. Microsoft: The name is a huge hit itself so many people became its users due to its remarkable, reliable and stable reputation in the information technology market. Microsoft also took the same approach as ShoreTel Inc. and provided their best services for businessmen all around the world.