The Different Kinds Of Long Distance Calls

Everyone in New York knows that if they call California then it is a long distance call but what many people do not know is that there are different levels of long distance calls. You could be making a long distance call at any given moment and not know it but with the popularity of all in one calling plans the idea of the expensive long distance call has all but disappeared. It is still interesting to take a look at the different kinds of long distance calls and how they may affect your phone bill if you are not paying attention to your phone bill.

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Just a few years ago a phone bill was a huge part of the monthly expenses that businesses had to deal with. This was in the time before all in one calling plans and people would just assume that the phone plan at work was the same as it was at home. Every minute you would spend on a business phone was billed and back when the internet was not available in high speed and everything was done as dial up you can imagine what the phone bills looked like.

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At home people had to always choose how they wanted their local phone service set up and then they have to choose a long distance service provider which was usually a different company. The whole thing was complicated until a couple of years ago when phone companies started offering all in one calling plans for businesses and home and soon everyone was saving money calling any one in the country. But it is still useful to know what a long distance call is and also to be aware of the calls you could be charged for even in an all in one plan. Don’t forget that every plan has fine print.

Inter-state long distance is the simplest form of long distance and the one form of long distance that everyone is most familiar with. This is the selling tool that the phone companies use for their all in one calling plans. For one fee you can call any state in the United States and this applies to any state.

This is the one kind of long distance that can be tricky and if you do not pay attention to your calling plan then this is the kind of long distance that can really cost you. People take the close proximity of Canada and Mexico for granted and this goes for long distance calling as well. Canada and Mexico are foreign countries and there is a very good chance that your all in one calling plan does not include calls to Canada and Mexico. Before you pick up that phone to call Toronto or Mexico City you may want to check with your phone company to make sure that the call you are making will not cost you several dollars a minute. Also be aware of the rates to call other countries in the world as those rates can vary as well.

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Back when the phone companies were charging by the minute they had created something called local long distance. Local long distance used to define a phone call from one county to the next to be long distance. So if you lived near the county line it could still cost you extra to call someone across the street if they live in the next county. These kinds of charges are pretty much non-existent now with the advent of all in one calling plans but when they were being used they were very confusing and were very upsetting to more than a few angry phone company customers.

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This was for areas that had larger counties and it was a long distance set up by your proximity to the exchange you were calling. It was not broken down by county but rather by the first three digits of your phone number and this was equally as frustrating as local long distance. This was eliminated by the all in one calling plans and that is probably a good thing because phone company representatives were probably growing tired of explaining this service to angry customers all day long.