Skype Phones – Different Models for Different Needs

With the increased interest in Skype, more and more options are becoming available to use Skype in other ways. One of the latest and most interesting is using Skype with an actual telephone. Skype has begun selling Skype phones thru online and other vendors. These phones allow one to have the convenience of a traditional telephone with the cost effectiveness of the Skype service.

Skype Mobile Samsung

There are many different types of phones that one can use with their Skype services. There are Skype phones that will connect to your service through a wireless router. These phones work in much the same way a cordless phone works. One can travel around the house while using the phone. There is also the added feature of being able to see who is online and who is not right from the handset. One can purchase additional handsets to add to their phone system, just as is possible with a normal cordless phone.

Skype Phone Droid By Motorola

Skype phones also come in mobile devices as well. These phones work a bit differently in that they work through Wi-Fi hotspots as well as using traditional mobile services. This is beneficial for those who are traveling a lot, either for business or pleasure. They can still communicate using the traditional mobile service, but they also can use Wi-Fi to access their Skype account and use it to make calls and connections while taking advantage of the savings that are available.

Another type of Skype phone is the Video/Voice calling phone. This phone combines instant access to the internet and various web applications such as news, weather, radio stations, social networking sites, streaming entertainment and many other features with the video capabilities of Skype calling. This system looks like a normal phone, only with the added screen to view images. This is a wonderful way to keep the internet at your fingertips anywhere in your home. This can work either thru a direct connection to your router or through an additional wireless adapter.

Skype Sony Ericsson Xperia X

Lastly, there are plug in Skype phones. These phones will plug directly into a computer’s USB port and allow the phone to operate just as a normal phone would. Calls can be made and received, and conversations can be had all from the handset that is attached to the computer. This phone also offers a display which can list one’s contacts and their status, whether online or away. This can be a wonderful benefit to those who like the advantages of Skype but also want to use a phone in the traditional way.