Skype for iPhone – Working Together

Skype is a wonderful service for those who wish to make calls from their computer to another Skype user. These calls are free and with today’s economy everyone can use a free call. Even if one is calling a person who doesn’t use Skype and they have to use their landline or mobile number, the savings can be substantial if those calls are handled through Skype.

Skype for iPhone

Skype users enjoy great savings on calls local and international when they use Skype services. Of course, these calls are handled by calling from one’s computer or a Skype phone. But what if one is out on the road and only has their Apple iPhone, how can one use Skype to save money on your calls thru it? Well the answer is simple, use the iPhone Skype application.

Skype for iPhone 4G

The iPhone Skype application works in much the same way as the software on your computer works to run Skype from it. The difference is that the application is specifically designed to use Skype on the iPhone. It works in a similar way, except instead of using a hardwired network connection, the software relies on Wi-Fi connections. Once the connection is established then the application is pulled up and one signs in to their account and can access their contacts and other such information.

One can use the instant messaging features, can have voice calls, place calls to other Skype users, call land lines or mobile line all in the same manner as they would from their home computer. It is all handled in much the same way as it is from one’s computer it is just done thru the internet on the iPhone. This is a wonderful benefit for those who are out on the road and not near their computers, but still need to access not only the information in their Skype accounts, such as contact information, but who also need to enjoy the same savings that Skype offers from their computer.

Skype on iPhone

Using Skype from your iPhone is simple, you simply sign in with your username and password, click on the icon for telephone, then select call and select who you wish to call from your list of contacts. You can then select whether to instant message them or call. It is that simple. You can also purchase credits so that you can make local and international calls to landline or mobile numbers. It is just like having your computer with you, only without the inconvenience of carting the machine around with you. It is all right there in your Apple iPhone.