SIPnet Calls – Skype of SIPnet – The Choice is Yours

SIPnet calls are the same as many internet calls that use voice over internet protocol or VOIP. These calls are placed using the same connections that one uses to surf the internet or send emails. Generally these connections send packets of data from a server to a personal computer and vice versa. In a VOIP application not only is data sent but voice is also sent thru the same connections. Because this is done over lines that are used by the internet, the prices for such are generally free.

SIPnet Phone DT700S

SIPnet is a public domain program, whereas other programs that are similar to it like Skype are private programs and the details of how they work are proprietary. They both achieve the same results, but the difference is in how the software operates to get there. Skype is more of a prepackaged program, where options are limited to what the Skype programmers have set up for use. SIPnet on the other hand, is more open and gives a person with knowledge of the program more options of how to run it to use it in the way in which they desire.

For many, Skype is exactly what they need. It is a program that allows them to make calls to other Skype users for free and provides options such as instant messaging, video calls, video conferencing, calling landlines and mobile numbers and other options. This can be all that some customers really need. On the other hand some businesses and people who have more unique needs other than the basic ones offered by Skype will find SIPnet a more flexible program. It will also allow them to customize features and calling to fit their individual needs.

Skype Of SIPnet

Another issue between Skype and SIPnet has to do with security issues. Skype is able to pass thru most firewalls without an issue, this can present a problem for some companies who need a higher level of security, and thus SIPnet may be more suited to their needs. The issue or encryption may also be a problem for some. Skype does encrypt every packet, whereas Sip does not do so, it is an open protocol.

SIPnet Calls

Both Skype and SIPnet are VOIP communication programs, they just use different approaches. SIPnet is much more flexible and much easier to customize. Skype on the other hand, is easier to install, use and gain access. Both offer the same high grade of sound quality and additional features, the difference is only in the presentation.