Saving Money On Your Long Distance

Saving money is just like anything else you try to do to make your life easier, if you are smart about it you can certainly save yourself money but if you do not do your research you may make more trouble for yourself than what you expected. There are a lot of ways to save money on long distance calls and a few even involve your computer if you are technically inclined. Always make sure you do your research before using a service and be certain you are not using a scam that could steal your information and cause you headaches for years to come.

Long Distance Calls

Not too long ago the television airwaves were alive with commercials for companies that were offering an alternative to long distance phone service. It was the tidal wave of the infamous 10-10 companies that all have special prefixes you could dial to dial into their service and save yourself money on your long distance. At first it was a great deal and the long distance phone companies were losing a lot of money to these services that were charging people a dollar minute or less for calls overseas and a bulk price for long distance calls within a certain time frame in the United States.

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The all in one phone packages that rolled local long distance and national long distance all into one really low price signaled the end of the 10-10 companies as far as long distance calls within the United States went but it didn’t mean that they stopped doing business completely. The 10-10 companies never really got the credit they deserved because they were part of a movement that forced the phone companies to price calls more competitively and it worked. Now the 10-10 companies offer excellent rates for international long distance calls and they are putting the pressure on the phone companies to once again lower their rates or keep losing international long distance business.

If you are not comfortable using a 10-10 service then there are many other ways you can get cheap long distance calls. The thing you have to remember is that these discount long distance services are always trying to save money so they mostly advertise on the internet to lower their advertising costs. If you do a search on long distance services you will find a lot of websites of companies you never heard of that offer excellent long distance service. Another popular way to save money on long distance calls is to find the services that allow you to dial in to their toll free phone number and call out long distance from there. Of course you have to sign up for their service on their website and get your login codes but these are great ways to save money on long distance calls as well and the process is simple to sign up with while the service itself is reliable and simple to use.

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Your computer is also a great way to save money on long distance calls. There are a lot of providers on the internet that offer a variety of services for long distance calling. Since most land line services include long distance charges within the United States many people are turning to the internet for their international calling. There are services you can sign up for on the internet that offer very low international calling rates and the ability to use a regular phone as well. You can get a phone number assigned to your computer and then receive calls, and make calls, internationally for much less than standard phone charges. Check out the internet for your long distance phone calling needs.