Prepaid International Phone Cards

Are you thinking of traveling outside the US or another country? You will want to call back home to let your family and friends know you arrived safely. A prepaid international phone card will be just the thing you need to accomplish this without having to pay a big hefty fee for phoning back home. If you purchase one before you leave on your trip, you will be set once you have arrived at your destination as prepaid international phone cards are very easy to use. Just follow the directions on the card and scratch off the codes if there are any.

Many prepaid international phone cards come with a specific amount of minutes on them already for your convenience. Generally speaking, one hundred minutes will cost around ten dollars, and they go all the way up to seven hundred and fifty minutes for around forty dollars. It just depends how many times you will be calling back home and how long you plan on talking to people.

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To purchase them, you can go online to your favorite long distance carrier and find out some dealers or stores that carry them near you, or you can order them online. Be sure to do it well in advance of your trip so you will have plenty of time to get them in the mail. You can go to AT&T, Sprint, or even Verizon. You cannot use them for 1-800, 1-888, or 1-900 calls. You must also have a touch tone phone to use with these cards. A rotary phone will not work.

To place calls, you simply dial the toll free access number on the back of the prepaid international phone card. You will hear directions for choosing a language to go further. Next, you will enter your PIN number. If in the US, you will then dial a 1, then the area code, and phone number for the person you are trying to reach. If outside the US, you will dial 011, then a country and city code and then the number. It is that simple.

To tell how much time you have left on any given card, there is an Account Balance option you can call in to hear. You might also try to contact Customer Service and find out from them. These operators can also tell you how to add more minutes to your prepaid international phone card as well. You also never have to worry about any of these calls landing on your home phone bill either. The prepaid international phone card is a separate entity unto itself.

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The best features about these prepaid international phone cards are you can use them while you are at home or traveling the world, there are no monthly fees that are incurred, You can use a land line as well as your cellular phone with these cards, just no rotary dial, and the minutes you purchase never expire, so a year from now if you have a flat tire, you can use that phone card to get help.

These prepaid international phone cards are so convenient that make wonderful gifts and birthday presents as well. If you have ever been stuck with no change and forgot your cell phone, these cards can provide help where normally you wouldn’t have any. So buy three or four and give them to your friends and family for emergencies on the road. They will be glad you did.