Phone Cards Vs. Prepaid Calling Plans

A long time ago phone cards use to be the king of the world. You could buy a phone card and use them at any pay phone that you wanted to use them at. However, now with cell phones taking over, having prepaid calling plans have become the new king, or have the phone cards adapted to this new way of life? Both of these things are still around and used by all types of people, but which one works the best. Well this could all be a matter of what you like more, but there is a little bit more to it. One of these two juggernauts has come out on top of the other.

Prepaid Calling Plan

When I was growing up everyone used the phone cards. These were great because you could use them at any pay phone that you wanted. Since not everyone had a cell phone at that point in time, pay phones were your only way to call people when you were away from home. As the times changed so did the phone cards. You were able to buy phone cards and use them with cell phones. You would just enter the number on your phone card onto the phone before making a call, and then it worked just like a pay phone.

Prepaid Phone Cards

However, with the coming of the cell phone came another way to make prepaid calls, and this was with the prepaid calling plans. Pretty much you get a cell phone and you buy minutes to use with that phone. No monthly bill, no hassle, just your prepaid plan. Then when you ran out of minutes you would just go buy more to put on your phone. So which one do people use most?

To me prepaid calling plans are winning the fight when it comes to the battle of phone cards vs. prepaid calling plans. This is because phone cards are more of a hassle now. Sure they work much in the same way as they use to, but now-a-days everyone wants things to go faster. This includes when they are trying to make a call. Not everyone wants to enter in their phone card number every time they want to make a phone call. Since there are not that many pay phones around the only time you can use that phone card is when you are talking on a cell phone.

The prepaid calling plans make you feel like you really do have a cell phone. You can pick it up, and call anyone you want, when you want. The only difference between calling plans and prepaid calling plans is that when you run out of minutes with the prepaid one, you cannot make anymore calls. It does not matter if your car breaks down and you need help. You will not be able to call anyone.

Prepaid Calling Plans

So when someone asks me what I like better, a phone card or prepaid calling plan, I would go with the prepaid calling plan. However, if I had my choice I would go with neither and just have a normal calling plan. Of course, not everyone can afford to have the normal calling plans. Really what it comes down to is what works best for you. This is why we all have so many different choices on what kind of plan we want. With so many different choices out there it just makes since to go with the one you like the most.