What To Look For In A VoIP Provider

VoIP service providers have taken quite a beating in the media the past couple of years mostly because of the patent infringement trial of one particular company. Any new technology is going to be met with resistance from the old technology it is attempting to replace but just because that resistance may include the occasional lawsuit does not mean that the new technology is bad or not worth looking into. Choosing a VoIP provider these days is actually much easier than it used to be and if you know where to look you can find exactly what you are looking for at a price you can be happy with.

Voxitas VoIP Provider

In the last couple of years it may appear to some that the VoIP industry has taken quite a beating from patent infringement lawsuits and larger VoIP providers going out of business. To be honest VoIP is still a new technology and with any new technology there is always things to work out and there will always be casualties of any growth that may come from the new technology. You also have VoIP trying to replace the standard phone service we are all used to and with that comes a huge push back from the phone companies trying to hold on to their business.

Inphonex VoIP Provider

It doesn’t seem to bother anyone right now that VoIP requires a high speed internet connection that is usually provided by the phone company which just adds to the bizarre nature of the growth and evolution of VoIP service. Everyone is pretty familiar with the very public court battles, and losses, suffered by the larger name VoIP providers but remember that those big names came in at the very beginning of VoIP offerings. These days you have more choices that you could have ever imagined with VoIP and many new providers are making some great advances with improving the technology.

Sotel VoIP Provider

Choosing a VoIP provider can be tricky because support is sometimes a little suspect. If your high speed internet connection comes from your phone company and you are dropping the phone company to do VoIP then the phone company is certainly not going to respond too quickly to any problems you may have with your high speed internet connection as it affects your VoIP service.

Broadvox VoIP Provider

In many cases the VoIP company cannot do any maintenance without assistance from the high speed internet company and that is why a natural marriage is starting to become very popular in the United States. Cable television companies also offer high speed internet connections and they have no problem with you dropping the phone company for VoIP service especially when it is the cable television company’s high speed internet service and the cable television company’s VoIP service. It really is a match made in heaven.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet protocol takes a technological convention and optimizes that convention, in order to aid the transmission of information. By using voice over internet protocol (VoIP), businesses and even private homes can send messages over packet-switched networks. VoIP permits the use of regular phone networks for the completion of long distance calls, calls made through an internet service provider.

Skype Phone AiGuru

By using VoIP, the person who is making those long distance calls manages to remain free of the obligation to pay a long distance charge, a charge that would otherwise be placed on the call by a phone company. The term VoIP has come to represent more than the convention that allows for the placement of low-cost long distance calls. “VoIP” now refers to the actual transmission of voice over a broadband connection.

The terms “IP telephony,” “Internet telephony,” “broadband telephony” and “broadband phone” all refer to the sort of transmission made possible by VoIP. The words “Skype” and “Vonage” illustrate the worldwide rush to embrace and make money from VoIP. For a full understanding of VoIP, one needs to become familiar with the specifics of packet switching.


Packet switching permits the sending of communications in the form of digital representations. Those digital representations can be “chunks” of text, sound or video. Each “chunk” is called a packet, and each packet gets sent along a shared network of cables. Each packet must be labeled with its final destination. In addition, each packet must receive a number.

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Top Ten VoIP Service Providers Of 2009

Cell phones and landline phones have always been the major way of getting in touch with people within or outside the country. But since internet has brought so many luxuries and facilities to us how can it overlook the major factor of communication. Apart from instant messaging, emailing etc which happens in seconds the World Wide Web has introduced the facility of VoIP.

JAJAH Communications Solutions

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol which allows people from around the world to make a call to a phone or another VoIP service and talk through the internet. Many VoIP companies offer their best services that can be utilized while paying a minimum amount of money every month.

ShoreTel IP Phone Systems

VoIP has become one of the facilities almost everyone is utilizing since it is cheaper than cell phone calls and easier to use. VoIP which is an abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to call people all around the globe with the lowest call rates and clear voice signals.

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Phone Cards Vs. Prepaid Calling Plans

A long time ago phone cards use to be the king of the world. You could buy a phone card and use them at any pay phone that you wanted to use them at. However, now with cell phones taking over, having prepaid calling plans have become the new king, or have the phone cards adapted to this new way of life? Both of these things are still around and used by all types of people, but which one works the best. Well this could all be a matter of what you like more, but there is a little bit more to it. One of these two juggernauts has come out on top of the other.

Prepaid Calling Plan

When I was growing up everyone used the phone cards. These were great because you could use them at any pay phone that you wanted. Since not everyone had a cell phone at that point in time, pay phones were your only way to call people when you were away from home. As the times changed so did the phone cards. You were able to buy phone cards and use them with cell phones. You would just enter the number on your phone card onto the phone before making a call, and then it worked just like a pay phone.

Prepaid Phone Cards

However, with the coming of the cell phone came another way to make prepaid calls, and this was with the prepaid calling plans. Pretty much you get a cell phone and you buy minutes to use with that phone. No monthly bill, no hassle, just your prepaid plan. Then when you ran out of minutes you would just go buy more to put on your phone. So which one do people use most?

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The Different Kinds Of Long Distance Calls

Everyone in New York knows that if they call California then it is a long distance call but what many people do not know is that there are different levels of long distance calls. You could be making a long distance call at any given moment and not know it but with the popularity of all in one calling plans the idea of the expensive long distance call has all but disappeared. It is still interesting to take a look at the different kinds of long distance calls and how they may affect your phone bill if you are not paying attention to your phone bill.

Easy Long Distance Calls

Just a few years ago a phone bill was a huge part of the monthly expenses that businesses had to deal with. This was in the time before all in one calling plans and people would just assume that the phone plan at work was the same as it was at home. Every minute you would spend on a business phone was billed and back when the internet was not available in high speed and everything was done as dial up you can imagine what the phone bills looked like.

Internet Communication

At home people had to always choose how they wanted their local phone service set up and then they have to choose a long distance service provider which was usually a different company. The whole thing was complicated until a couple of years ago when phone companies started offering all in one calling plans for businesses and home and soon everyone was saving money calling any one in the country. But it is still useful to know what a long distance call is and also to be aware of the calls you could be charged for even in an all in one plan. Don’t forget that every plan has fine print.

Inter-state long distance is the simplest form of long distance and the one form of long distance that everyone is most familiar with. This is the selling tool that the phone companies use for their all in one calling plans. For one fee you can call any state in the United States and this applies to any state.

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Making Long Distance Calls At Local Rates With VoIP

Every time you turn on the TV you more than likely see an ad for one of those internet phone providers, and they talk about how much money they can save you. Well the truth of the matter is that they can save you a lot of money, and they can save you the most on long distance calls. Using the internet to talk on the phone is a lot easier than you might think. Some of the companies offer free hook up and some even offer free phones to use. This could be what you have been looking for if you are looking to lower your phone bill, and get more out of your internet.

Skype on iPhone

If you are looking for one of the best internet phone providers then you may want to give VoIP a try. This is a company that can help turn your internet into a phone service. The great thing about using VoIP is that most people do not even notice a difference when using it as their home phone. The calls are crystal clear, and it is going to cost you a lot less than your other home phone providers. However, I could say the same thing about other internet phone providers, so what makes VoIP the best?

iPad VoIP Calls

The simple fact that they are going to save you a lot more money than any other home internet provider. Not only are their monthly and yearly bills a lot cheaper than other companies, but they also have the best rates for long distances calls. If you need a good reason to switch to a internet based phone, then saving money should be the number one reason to do it.

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Making Calls On Your Computer For Free

Everyone loves a bargain and what better bargain than free. There are several ways to get free phone calls from the internet but in order to take advantage of the bevy of free phone call options out there you must first understand the basics of how free internet calls work. It is really not that complicated and when you understand that there is really no such thing as free then it starts to occur to you that maybe it is best just to pay the phone company for phone service and not have to deal with the headaches of free phone calls.

Polycom ip Phone

If you think about it you can already make free phone calls on your computer and you have had that ability since the internet went mainstream. If you own a computer, a high speed internet connection, a microphone, speakers, and maybe even an internet web camera then you have the ability to make free phone calls on the internet. All you need to do is arrange with your party in advance to take your phone call and make the connection in a chat room that allows voice and video chatting. There are a great deal of chat services that allow voice and video chat and it is all completely free. Today the voice and video chatting equipment and connections are so advanced that the lag time has all but been removed from the process and it is just as smooth as if the person were in the room next to you. You can, of course, replicate this for free internet phone calls to anywhere in the country as well. The only draw back to this is that your calls have to be arranged in advance and both parties have to know when the call is happening. What about the spontaneous calls? Is there a way to do real phone service over the internet for free? There sure is.

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Making Calls From Your PC

Some people spend so much time at their computer that they feel the need to turn their PC into a phone and make their phone calls from their computer all day long. Of course this is an over dramatization of what is really going and what is really going on is people saving a lot of money on their phone bills by using their computers as their telephones and calling any phone in the world from right in front of their PC. While it may sound a bit futuristic the reality is that you can turn your PC into a phone and call regular land lines from any computer in the world with the right software and a couple of dollars.

Calls From Your PC

Anyone that is more than moderately familiar with computers know that you can contact anyone in the world for almost free by using your high speed internet connection. All you need is a microphone, speakers, and maybe an internet web camera if you want to see the person you are talking to. Then you can go to any of the hundreds of free chat sites on the internet and you can make an internet phone call to anyone in the world that you want to. But there are restrictions. The first restriction, and probably the biggest restriction, is that the person you want to call not only has to already be online but they also need to be in the same chat room as you. So making impromptu phone calls over the internet for free from computer to computer is probably not the easiest thing in the world to do. The other misconception is that internet calling from computer to computer is totally free. Your internet connection is not free, you pay for that every month, and to get really technical about it the computer is not free either. So while it is not totally free it does not cost you any thing extra to make a computer to computer internet phone call.

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How To Determine The Most Popular VoIP Services

With all of the upheaval in the VoIP provider market it can be difficult to determine who is a reliable service to go with and who is a company you want to avoid. There are many VoIP companies out there that are making huge advances in VoIP technology and are helping to bring the idea more to the mainstream but there are also that pool of companies that are hanging on by a thread just waiting for that miracle business solution or to quietly go out of business. When you are considering VoIP you need to know how to wade through all of the problems to get to a service you can trust.

Asus Eee Videophone Touch AiGuru SV1T

Not too long ago one of the largest VoIP providers in the world, Vonage, was publicly sued by Verizon for patent infringement. Basically what Verizon was saying was that Vonage used Verizon technology to develop their VoIP service. Vonage very publicly lost the lawsuit but they were smart enough to change gears during the proceedings and allow for the fact that they may have to change their technology to stay in business. To be honest Vonage needed to change the way they did business and the technology they were selling as it was very obviously still in the experimental stages even after a couple of years on the market.

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How Calling Cards Will Save You Money On Your Long Distance Calls

There are a lot of ways to save money out there, but it is hard to save money on your long distance calls. Because of this, people are seeing their home and cell phone bills go through the roof. Let’s face it, not everyone you know lives close by, and you have to be able to save money when talking to them. The best way to go about saving money is to go out and get yourself a calling card. These calling cards are going to save you lots of money in many different ways so you may want to give them a try. They are top of the line, and I do not think that you want to be without them.

Siemens Gigaset C460

Calling cards are a great way to help you save money on your phone plan. First of all, they save you money because you know how much you are spending. No more hidden fees to deal with or trying to count the minutes while you are on the phone. Whenever you have one of these calling cards you are going to be able to call whoever you want, whenever you want, and it’s worry free. This is because you can buy a set limit of minutes that you want to spend without going over.

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