Making Calls On Your Computer For Free

Everyone loves a bargain and what better bargain than free. There are several ways to get free phone calls from the internet but in order to take advantage of the bevy of free phone call options out there you must first understand the basics of how free internet calls work. It is really not that complicated and when you understand that there is really no such thing as free then it starts to occur to you that maybe it is best just to pay the phone company for phone service and not have to deal with the headaches of free phone calls.

Polycom ip Phone

If you think about it you can already make free phone calls on your computer and you have had that ability since the internet went mainstream. If you own a computer, a high speed internet connection, a microphone, speakers, and maybe even an internet web camera then you have the ability to make free phone calls on the internet. All you need to do is arrange with your party in advance to take your phone call and make the connection in a chat room that allows voice and video chatting. There are a great deal of chat services that allow voice and video chat and it is all completely free. Today the voice and video chatting equipment and connections are so advanced that the lag time has all but been removed from the process and it is just as smooth as if the person were in the room next to you. You can, of course, replicate this for free internet phone calls to anywhere in the country as well. The only draw back to this is that your calls have to be arranged in advance and both parties have to know when the call is happening. What about the spontaneous calls? Is there a way to do real phone service over the internet for free? There sure is.

Most of the big time internet companies like Yahoo offer a service that allows you to have real free internet telephony. You can sign up for their service and you can choose to have a phone number assigned to your computer. For some providers this service may cost a little per month but it would be nowhere near what you would pay for a regular phone or a cell phone service. These phone numbers can be called from anywhere and from any kind of phone and as long as your computer is on you can receive calls like any other phone. You can set your computer to ring however you want and you can also set up your computer to act like voice mail. It is all either free or very low cost and if you do not mind a little static on the line then it is a very fine alternative to paying the phone company for phone service. Of course you are still paying someone for your high speed internet connection to make all of this possible which is where the not quite free part comes in but to some people it is the principle of the thing.

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You can also set up your instant message service to act like a phone as well and take incoming voice calls. Of course you can only take these calls from computer to computer but, once again, if you use your computer as your primary method of communication anyways then this allows you to replace your home phone with an internet service. It does not allow anyone that is not on a computer to call you which just brings us back to the possibility that maybe paying a phone company a little less than $30 a month for complete phone service is not such a bad deal after all.