Making Calls From Your PC

Some people spend so much time at their computer that they feel the need to turn their PC into a phone and make their phone calls from their computer all day long. Of course this is an over dramatization of what is really going and what is really going on is people saving a lot of money on their phone bills by using their computers as their telephones and calling any phone in the world from right in front of their PC. While it may sound a bit futuristic the reality is that you can turn your PC into a phone and call regular land lines from any computer in the world with the right software and a couple of dollars.

Calls From Your PC

Anyone that is more than moderately familiar with computers know that you can contact anyone in the world for almost free by using your high speed internet connection. All you need is a microphone, speakers, and maybe an internet web camera if you want to see the person you are talking to. Then you can go to any of the hundreds of free chat sites on the internet and you can make an internet phone call to anyone in the world that you want to. But there are restrictions. The first restriction, and probably the biggest restriction, is that the person you want to call not only has to already be online but they also need to be in the same chat room as you. So making impromptu phone calls over the internet for free from computer to computer is probably not the easiest thing in the world to do. The other misconception is that internet calling from computer to computer is totally free. Your internet connection is not free, you pay for that every month, and to get really technical about it the computer is not free either. So while it is not totally free it does not cost you any thing extra to make a computer to computer internet phone call.

Lately there has been a new industry popping up with people using their computers as phones and this new concept is called PC to phone. Basically what it means is that now you can call anyone in the world on any phone you want using your computer as your phone. It is very similar to VoIP service but where VoIP allows you to use your regular phone for their internet phone service the idea behind PC to phone is to use your PC as the phone and not your standard phone.

Laptop Web Camera

The other problem with PC to phone is that receiving calls can be difficult but that is remedied by some simple changes to your computer and the subscription to an online service that allows you to make calls on your PC to regular phones all over the world. There are services on the internet that can allow you, for a small fee, to use your PC like a regular phone and call out to any phone in the world by using that person’s regular phone number. It is extremely convenient for those people that use their phone for everything and with the use of a laptop it allows you to take your home phone service on the road with you.

Of course the call quality is not quite the same as a land line call but the cost savings more than make up for any drop in quality. There is also a novelty involved in telling people you are calling them from your PC that can make for some great conversation. But if you take the time to find the right service you can save a lot of money by using your PC as a phone. It still doesn’t solve that problem of still needing the phone company to connect to the internet but the principal is there.