Long Distance Calls At Local Rate, Thanks to VoIP

Anyone who has to make long distance phone calls know just how very expensive the long distance rates can be, especially when you need to call overseas in either direction. With advances in communications technology, you can make long distance calls at local rates, thanks to VoIP. VoIP, which stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” allows users to make telephone calls just as if they were making local calls, and this goes for international calls as well. All you need to set up a VoIP service is the desire to eliminate high long distance fees, a computer, and a high speed Internet connection.

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If you are sick and tired of paying out the yin yang for long distance telephone calls, you feel the same sentiment as thousands of other consumers just like yourself. In today’s world, people have friends and family all over the country, or even all over the world. It is extremely common for someone to have family across several time zones, or so far away that it takes a 13 hour plane ride to reach them in person. Well, with today’s advances in technology, you do not have to pay out the wazoo for your long distance telephone calls. You can make long distance calls at the local rate, thanks to VoIP.

VoIP actually means “Voice over Internet Protocol” and refers to a new communications technology that allows real-time voice conversations to be carried out over the Internet rather than the more traditional telephone lines. In order to take advantage of any VoIP system, all you really need is your computer, a VoIP phone, and a high speed Internet connection. In some cases, you can even install programs onto your computer which will allow you to bypass using the VoIP specialized handset.

The convenience of VoIP has made it possible for many businesses and workers who travel a lot stay in touch with colleagues, friends, and family regardless of where they may be. The way it works is that the VoIP customer will have a local phone number issued and an account which can be accessed from any high speed Internet connection. This allows for extreme portability and for telephone calls to be charged one flat rate rather than by the traditional long distance charges. With telephone number portability today, it may even be possible to transfer your current land line to your new VoIP service.

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VoIP has made it possible for one person to be in another country even and the caller able to dial the local number just as he or she would if the person were just down the street. The charges do not change, regardless of where the caller or the account holder currently is located. Many VoIP providers have package rates, where customers pay a flat monthly rate for the services. Others incorporate packages that can include VoIP telephone services, Internet, and television.

If you are tired of paying for the astronomical long distance rates for your home or business, why not give VoIP a try? Once you try it, you will love making long distance calls at local rates, thanks to VoIP. In fact, with every VoIP package you get guaranteed what traditional landlines charge extra for which included caller ID, speed dial, voicemail, call forwarding, and conference calling. If you are interested in finding a good VoIP provider, simply do a search on the Internet.