How To Determine The Most Popular VoIP Services

With all of the upheaval in the VoIP provider market it can be difficult to determine who is a reliable service to go with and who is a company you want to avoid. There are many VoIP companies out there that are making huge advances in VoIP technology and are helping to bring the idea more to the mainstream but there are also that pool of companies that are hanging on by a thread just waiting for that miracle business solution or to quietly go out of business. When you are considering VoIP you need to know how to wade through all of the problems to get to a service you can trust.

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Not too long ago one of the largest VoIP providers in the world, Vonage, was publicly sued by Verizon for patent infringement. Basically what Verizon was saying was that Vonage used Verizon technology to develop their VoIP service. Vonage very publicly lost the lawsuit but they were smart enough to change gears during the proceedings and allow for the fact that they may have to change their technology to stay in business. To be honest Vonage needed to change the way they did business and the technology they were selling as it was very obviously still in the experimental stages even after a couple of years on the market.

Vonage remains as the most visible VoIP provider on the planet but just because they have lots of commercials on television does not mean you should necessarily go with a service like Vonage. VoIP is still a technology that is evolving and while Vonage spends the most money on advertising they are not always known for being cutting edge with their technology in an industry completely made up of cutting edge technology.

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VoIP providers are starting to hit their stride and even with the lawsuit against Vonage the idea behind VoIP is still gaining a lot of support in the consumer market. But as the Vonage experience has shown, who you choose for your VoIP provider is equally as important as making the decision to go to VoIP in the first place. VoIP requires high speed internet service for it to work. There are only three accessible ways that the average consumer can get high speed internet service. You can get high speed internet from your cable television company, your phone company, or your satellite dish company. It did not take the phone company long to figure out that if you allow people to get high speed internet service through the phone company they can then get VoIP and use the phone company’s high speed internet service to eliminate the phone company’s phone service. For that reason many phone companies require you to get basic phone service along with high speed internet and if you cancel your basic phone service you lose your high speed internet. The dish companies are not reliable enough yet with their high speed internet to make them an option and dish high speed internet is very expensive. That leaves one choice.

Cable television companies saw an opening and are exploiting it very well. They are offering package deals with their high speed internet, cable television service, and VoIP phone service to all of their customers. It is starting to catch on and while the phone company probably does not have to worry about the independent VoIP providers, they absolutely need to concern themselves with the cable television companies.