How does Skype Work?

Using Skype to communicate with friends, family, loved ones and/or business associates is growing in popularity. Over 350 million people now have Skype accounts and many businesses are using this form of communication to get their work done. Still, there are many who do not quite understand how Skype works, or what they need to do to set up an account. Others are a bit leery of this new form of communicating, and are concerned that there might be risks in using this that they just do not understand. By spending some time to explain the system, perhaps this will help those who do not understand this communication method.

Skype Calling

Skype uses Voice over internet protocol technology to make voice connections. This is sometimes referred to as VOIP. This is the standard method that most internet calling systems use. VOIP works by sending data packets over the same network that is used for surfing the web and emailing.

Skype Telepresence

These data packets can send more than just voice, they can also carry text, images, video, files, screen sharing and high quality sound. This is all done thru the same lines that carry the internet, so if you have a fast and reliable internet connection, chances are you will also have a good VOIP connection as well.

To use Skype, one must first set up an account and establish a unique user name to be known by on the Skype network. Next one needs to install the Skype software to their computer. This software is adware, spyware and malware safe, so one does not have to be concerned that installing the program will cause issues with their computer. It has been set up to be secure. Once the software is installed, the user logs in with their unique user name and password. Then it is simply a matter of finding the person on the Skype system you wish to speak to, or adding monies to your Skype account and placing a phone call to a landline or mobile line.

Sogatel USB Skype Phone

These are the basic steps in how Skype works. It is all handled by the computer and once the installation of the software is completed, there is little the customer needs to do, other than to imitate the phone call. All the other connections are accomplished by VOIP technology via the software one has installed. These simple facts make this method one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to communicate with anyone.