Fring for Free Calls – You Can Make Free Calls on Your Cell Using Fring

Fring is a VoIP service that allows for free VoIP calls, chats, instant messaging and more between mobile phones. If you are lost, you should know that VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is used for Skype too, but Fring is solely designed to work with mobile phones. Fring is free and you can use Fring for free calls. Yes, it’s true! You can save on your cell phone bill by using Fring for free calls. All you have to do is install Fring onto your cell phone to be able to use the service.

Fring Mobile

If you make a lot of cell phone calls and not all of your friends are members of your “inner circle” and/or “favorite” list as allowed by your cell phone service provider, then Fring is a good option for you which will allow you to save on cell phone minutes and overages. Your friends also have to install Fring in order to get Fring for free calls. You can use Fring for free calls anywhere that has free Wi-Fi. It is estimated that Fring users save up to 90% on their cell phone bills by using Fring.

You don’t need computers or headsets to use Fring for free calls. Really all you need is a 3G or smart phone in order to be compatible with Fring. Keep in mind that you also need to pay your cell phone service provider for a data plan such as 3G or Wi-Fi to use Fring for free calls. While data plans do cost extra on your cell phone plan, you can still save money because your actual calls will be free using Fring. You can just choose the cheapest phone plan with data.

Fring Friends

Fring uses data bandwidth to transmit voice data whether you are placing a call or receiving it. If you are not into all of that technical jargon, what that means is that Fring eliminates the middleman from the call. Since it is the middleman that charges you for the call, your call is free. Why not try Fring for free calls? Keep in mind that in order to use Fring for free calls, you should visit the Fring website first to verify that your mobile phone is compatible and to install the system to your device. Then, all you do is register your account and you can start using Fring for free calls from then on!