Free Internet Calls – Using VOIP to Call for Free

With the popularity of the internet, nearly every home and business has some form of access to the internet. There are a variety of applications that one can use the internet for, but one of the applications that is growing in popularity is the use of the internet to make free internet calls. There are a variety of ways that this can be done but most every application involves some type of voice over internet protocol or VOIP methods.

Free Phone Calls

VOIP is the standard method that is used in how internet calling systems work. Data packets are sent over the same network that is used for other internet data. When one surfs the internet or receives email, data packets are set thru a network from servers to ones computer. This is the same principle that VOIP employs to make calls.

VOIP Free Calls

The only difference is that rather than only data being sent graphics, files, voice, screen savings, and high quality sound are sent. This is the basic way in which VOIP works and how most free internet calls are processed.

Using this VOIP technology involves a person or business signing up with a service. There are some services that charge to use this, but there are many that do not. The services where this is free usually involve signing up on a website, such as Skype, and setting up a personalized user account and name. The website usually has its own software that one needs to install on their computer. This software enables one to access the website’s database and programs that enable the VOIP methods to work through their computer.

The key to free internet calls, at least at this time, is that the calls are free as long as the party one wishes to call is a member on the same site. If one uses Skype to make a call, then the person they want to call must be a Skype member as well. The call is not handled through traditional phone lines, but rather from start to finish it is handled over the same network connections as one uses to get email or surf the web. It is the use of these network connections that allow the call to be free.

Free Internet Calls

There are no landlines or mobile telephone lines involved in the call. If one is calling someone without access to the internet or who does not wish to set up an account, the call can still be made, it just requires a small fee since landlines or mobile telephone lines will need to be involved in the call.