Can You Really Get Free Internet Calls?

There has been a long standing rumor that you can make free phone calls all over the world over the internet. There have even been whole websites created offering people the opportunity to make free internet phone calls to anywhere in the world. The rumors are true but they are greatly exaggerated and while you can use a phone to make free phone calls over the internet there are better ways to make free calls over the internet that involve equipment more suited for communicating over the internet. It is hard to imagine free phone calls over the internet but if you really think about it then it is not that far fetched.

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People are always looking for the next free thing and the next way to get essential services for free. This is why some people replace their furnace with a wood burning stove and why others replace electric lights with candles. But after a while it becomes apparent that the convenience of saving money by not using these modern day appliances loses its luster when you consider the amount of work that goes into creating an inferior replacement.

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Free internet phone calls are essentially the same thing. People hear that they can make free phone calls to anywhere in the world using the internet and they instantly start pulling their phones out of the wall because they think they will no longer be needing them. Before you start remodeling your communication systems you need to know a few things about internet phone calls.

Yes you can make free phone calls over the internet and yes, with a VoIP router you can use certain websites to make calls anywhere in the world for free, but the first piece of inconvenience is that free internet phone calls are usually only computer to computer. The part that the VoIP service providers charge you for is the ability to make calls from an internet phone to any phone in the world. With free internet calls you can only call other phones that are on the internet. That is the first problem.

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The second problem is that the quality of free internet phone calls. Free internet phone calls are usually a very bad connection that can get dropped at any moment. If you have ever tried making a free internet phone call then you know exactly what can happen and it can be very annoying. It is a nice convenience to make phone calls for free but it is unrealistic to think free internet phone service will be replacing your regular phone service.

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There is a way to make clear and futuristic free internet phone calls but it requires some planning and arranging on the part of yourself and the person on the other end. If you want to communicate with someone in Germany but you do not want to pay the phone rates then arrange to have yourself and your friend in Germany invest in an internet camera and a microphone headset with speakers. With the web camera you can see each other and with the microphone headset with speakers you can hear each other very clearly. If you can arrange to have this sort of communication with someone then this is a much more preferable alternative to free internet phone calls. It also allows you to see the subject you are talking to and the communication between the two of you is much clearer and more reliable.