A Rundown Of The Important Internet Telephony Devices

Internet telephony has not been around very long and VoIP service has been even newer so it is possible that most people do not really understand what is involved in creating a telephone connection on the internet. Believe it or not the equipment and the principle behind it are quite simple and with a little help from a provider you could be on the phone with your computer in no time. All you need is this simple list of the basic equipment required to talk on the telephone using your computer and you will be off and running with your own phone service in no time.

Avaya One-x 9650 IP Telephone

People that have been involved with personal computers from their very inception always marvel at how far the personal computer has come in such a short time. It was not that long ago that the world marveled when Texas Instruments released a voice modulator for their ground breaking TI-994A home computer. Soon the Apple computers were talking and then technology really took over. The video game Dragon’s Lair was hailed as a technological marvel because it was basically an interactive cartoon with real cartoon graphics and sound effects including real human voices.

Cisco SPA504G VoIP Phone

Soon the human voices were making their way on to the programming and games for home computers and it was not long after that when technology really started to take off. Soon people were able to communicate with each other using their personal computers.

At first it was typing text back and forth in chat rooms but soon it developed into video online communication with voice. Then people figured out how to hook up a telephone to a home computer and use it across the internet and that changed everything. Today it is not like the old days where you needed a new piece of hardware to do everything on a computer. The list of equipment required for a telephone connection via your computer is very simple. It is getting the hardware to do what you want it to do that is difficult.

3Com NBX-3102 VoIP Phone

All you really need to hook up your phone to your computer is a telephony router that you can buy at any computer hardware store, a high speed internet connection, and a computer. While it all seems to simple there is still the little problem of getting it all work together and that is where the businesses have sprung up. You still need software and a service provider to get your phone to talk to another phone via your computer and these services range from free to complete business accounts that cost hundreds a month. But if you manage to find the right provide you can get your computer to be your phone system and reduce your telephone costs significantly. It is how far technology has come.

Nortel 2007 IP Phone

There is no telling what is next and what we have now keeps evolving. Internet telephony was just a pipe dream only a decade or so ago and now it is as simple to acquire as a bottle of water. It is not out of the question to see people able to do internet telephony for themselves without having to use a provider and when that happens we may see a bigger public utility exodus than the one that happened when email became widely available and the post office started sweating.