A Quick Summary Of VoIP Service

Every time you turn on your television you will not have to wait long to see a commercial trying to get you to switch from your regular phone service to VoIP service. Many people know that VoIP is the service that allows you to use your phone over the internet to call anyone in the world but there is a lot about VoIP that many people do not realize or even know and it is a very good idea to become familiar with a service like VoIP before you get involved in it especially when you are considering replacing your trusted phone service with VoIP. Knowing the basic facts can really help you make an informed decision and the right decision for you and your family.

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For a few years now everyone that either watches a television or reads a newspaper has been bombarded with advertising for VoIP phone service and depending on who is doing the advertising the deal can sound pretty interesting. But there is a lot about VoIP that the advertisements leave out and there are a lot of decisions you need to make before you can take on VoIP service and some of those decisions can be tricky and difficult. VoIP phone service, put simply, is a phone service that allows you to connect your regular phone to your internet router through a special VoIP router and with that connection, and a subscription to a service provided by any of the VoIP companies out there, you are able to call any phone in the world just like you were making a regular phone call.

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You do not need to have your computer on for the VoIP service to work but you do need to have a subscription to a VoIP provider because the router is designed to route your phone service through the provider’s network which is the way that your internet phone service can connect to the regular phone service. That is a quick overview of how VoIP works and if you look at it for a minute and give it some thought it should occur to you that there are several obstacles that need to be overcome before you can enjoy VoIP service and it should also occur to you that some providers are in a better position to provide you service than others.

You need a high speed internet connection in order to have VoIP service and that is where the basic problem comes in for many providers and many customers. A couple of years ago it was not as much of an issue as it is now and I will explain why. You can get high speed internet service from your phone company, your cable television company, or your satellite television company. Satellite high speed internet is extremely expensive and not widely used so for the sake of this discussion we will not mention it. It used to be that people would cancel their regular phone service and then get high speed internet from their cable television provider and then run VoIP on the cable television high speed internet service.

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The problem with that is a couple of years ago VoIP was still evolving and many people quickly realized that it was not what they thought it would be. Calls were constantly dropped and the quality of service was poor. So now they had to go back to the phone company and pay to have their phone service re-installed. But the cable television company saw an opening and marched in.

Now your cable television company offers bundles of cable television service, high speed internet, and VoIP phone service. With the advances made in VoIP in the last couple of years the service has become more reliable and many customers are taking advantage of this deal. This leaves companies like Vonage out in the cold trying to convince people that they should get the Vonage service which needs either the phone company’s high speed internet connection or the cable television company’s high speed internet service to run. With both the phone and cable companies offering package deals for VoIP it may be very difficult for companies like Vonage to find their market.